e o Palmeiras nasceu
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Sona:   Maven of the Strings (League of Champions 7/??)

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“Cause after all this time I’m still into you.”

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"Baby, not a day goes by that I'm not into you..."

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“Meeting Paramore before the show at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney 21/02/13”


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The Fueled By Ramen Weekly Contest

This week for our contest we’re giving away a Paramore prize package including the ‘Vintage Heart’ t-shirt as well as an autographed laminate from their Pomona show last year and a postcard featuring “If There Is A Future We Want It Now” on the front and back.

HOW TO ENTER: To win this prize package just reblog this post and then send a link to your post to giveaways@fueledbyramen.com with your name and mailing address included in the email. This post will be updated later today with the winner’s name. Good luck!

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Amanda de Oliveira, 17 years, Rio Claro/SP - Brazil. Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras. Paramore. Hayley Williams. Taylor York. Jeremy Davis. Avenged Sevenfold. Sum 41. Green Day. Nirvana. Linkin Park. Blink 182. Foo Fighters. Charlie Brown Jr. Detonautas. Tihuana. AFI. Eminem. Angels & Airwaves. Limp Bizkit. KoRn. System of a Down. B.o.B. Simple Plan. My Chemical Romance. CPM 22. A Day to Remember. Escape the Fate. Falling in Reverse. Fall Out Boy. Hole. Hollywood Undead. Good Charlotte. Gym Class Heroes. Panic! at the Disco. Marilyn Manson. Maroon 5. Madina Lake. Papa Roach. Sex Pistols. Pica-Pau. Bananas de Pijama. Futebol. Rock'N Roll. Velo Clube. Emma Stone. M. Shadows. The Rev. Deryck Whibley. Billie Joe Armstrong. Frank Iero. Ronnie Radke. Jacoby Shaddix. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. David Desrosiers. Norman Reedus. The Walking Dead. Two and a Half Men. Stephen Moyer. True Blood. Kurt Cobain. Andres D'Alessandro. Jorge Valdivia. Cristiano Ronaldo. Ignazio Abate. Douglas Grolli. Fernando Torres. David Villa. David Beckham.

theme por nostalgia-surreal; base por amar-gura e memorias agridoces; alguns detalhes originais da affectingyou e elasocurtejackdaniels; inspirado nos themes da affectingyou e desesperancoso; não seja um filho da puta, crie vergonha nessa sua cara, e faça o favor de não copiar nada aqui. Obrigado rsrs

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